Tuesday, March 13, 2012

South Carolina, 1967-1973

     During my middle school years and my first year of high school, I was not a happy camper.  I didn't walk right, didn't talk right, wasn't violent, had braces on my teeth and a tube in my ear, wore glasses, took piano lesson, played the flute in the school band, was scared of snakes and frogs, didn't follow the boy-code well at all.  Walking to the bus stop was torture every morning, let alone just getting through the school days.
     Freshman at Goose Creek High School... Goose Creek, South Carolina 1972-73

     I think the only reason I joined the school band was so that I could get out of class and enjoy marching in parades.  I half-way played the flute during concert season.  During football season, I carried cymbals and hit them together once in awhile.  Couldn't ask for an easier job than that!
     See that black dog in the picture?  We called her "Snuffy."  She was a puppy born to one of the neighbor's dogs and was given to us after our Boston Terrier "Feebee" passed away.  Later, she gave birth to two puppies of her own.  We kept her brown puppy and caller her "Ginger."  We gave her black puppy away.  Snuffy and Ginger moved with us to Oklahoma and, later, Georgia.  Both of them lived to about 15 years of age and died during the same year.

     Our address in Goose Creek was 20 Henderson Drive 29405, but after about 7 months, we moved to Rt. 1 Box 329 B Craven Street Ladson 29456. 

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