Wednesday, March 14, 2012

South Korea, 2008 ---

  That thing behind me, that looks like a giant brown milk bottle, has been standing there, in Gyeongju, over a thousand years.  It was an observatory.  I've read that it's one of the oldest in Asia.  I was too lazy to get the information.  Just look up "Gyeongju" in South Korea, and you can find it quickly.

     It was my first trip to Seoul for just doing some sight seeing and hanging out.  That station is like a grand central station.  Since the day I made this picture a subway track connecting this station with Incheon International Airport was installed. 

     ...a few days before I got my first haircut in South Korea.  I lived in Yeongcheon, a small town where most people I met daily did not speak (or understand) English, and there were so many hair shops all over the place.  Finally, I picked one.  Before going there, I printed up a picture of the haircut I wanted. 

     ... a few days after I got my first haircut in South Korea.

     Christmas vacation, 2010.

     In the teacher's work room at my first job in South Korea

Standing in the tower of Busan.

Ok!  Ok!  Everyone's wearing these fake glasses.

     First time I ever dyed my hair (and beard, and eyebrows).

     A view from the locker

We've come a long way, Mom!
     Summer, 2011

Sis and I both are 21 with a lot of experience!

My second niece and me.

Thanks Leo!
(Last day at the first job in South Korea)

Atlanta, Georgia, 1995-2008

Worked a weekend job after teaching all week.

I taught Home Economics for twelve years.

Picture taken with my first webcam on my first computer.

Athen, Georgia, 1991 - 1995

Those were stressful days.  Had to find ways to be cheerful.

Atlanta, 1983 - 1991


Springfield, Missouri, Central Bible College, 1981-1983

     In 1983, I finished my BA in Bible.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cleveland, Tennessee / Lee University (College) 1979-1981

     While many people grew up and enjoyed living in Habersham County, Georgia, some of us, who grew up on (or near) Air Force bases, felt like a fish out of water to say the least. It was a rural mountain kinda place. No bowling alley. No movie cinema. No Pizza Hut. No NOTHING. It was bad enough that I was a very green college student and that I did not know what I wanted to become. Now, I was in a area where if anyone knew your car, everyone around heard about where it was parked the night before. It was, to me, the kind of place where EVERYONE knew everyone and everyone's relatives. After going to Piedmont College in Demorest, Georgia for one quarter, I decided I wanted to move on to another college somewhere else. Next stop? Lee College in Cleveland, Tennessee.

Some friends and I made this guy.

My roommate and I earned "Dorm Room of the Month."

     I spent two years at Lee College.  While there I was the cafeteria breakfast cook for one semester, and the snack bar student manager for a year. 

Georgia, 1977 - 1979

     Going to church, playing the piano, and participating in all the church activities was pretty much the theme of my life.  In Baldwin, Georgia I found a church that had a Hammond B3.  Oh yea!  It was the kind of organ that Jimmy Swaggart played.  It was the kind played by my all time favorite orgainst "Sister Madge Mayo" of the Assembly of God Tabernacle in Atlanta, Georgia.  I used to sit where I could watch her play.  When she played, she was in command.  I watched every move her hands made on that organ.  Now, I had a chance to get to know a B3.
  The picture below shows standing next to a Hammond, not a B3, but close enough.  This one was in an Assemblies of God Church in Richmond, Virgina.  How I got there is another story.