Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Georgia, 1977 - 1979

     Going to church, playing the piano, and participating in all the church activities was pretty much the theme of my life.  In Baldwin, Georgia I found a church that had a Hammond B3.  Oh yea!  It was the kind of organ that Jimmy Swaggart played.  It was the kind played by my all time favorite orgainst "Sister Madge Mayo" of the Assembly of God Tabernacle in Atlanta, Georgia.  I used to sit where I could watch her play.  When she played, she was in command.  I watched every move her hands made on that organ.  Now, I had a chance to get to know a B3.
  The picture below shows standing next to a Hammond, not a B3, but close enough.  This one was in an Assemblies of God Church in Richmond, Virgina.  How I got there is another story.  


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