Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Georgia, Maryland and Alaska, 1957-1967


     I ain't trying to be an egomaniac.  I'm simply trying to put all these pictures in one place before my computer crashes AGAIN!  Hopefully, this blog sight will stay alive for a long long time.  I might not put these pictures in the right order.  Still, you'll get the idea.

     It was Easter.  We lived in Temple Hills, Maryland.  Ours was a small house surrounded by a yard that had a few apple trees.  Daddy put a sand box and swing set in the back yard, and he got puppies for my sister and me.  We called the black puppy "Blacky" and the white puppy with the black spots "Spotty." 

Another Santa Claus, and another one, and another one came to town whether we were pouting or not.  We were living at 5140 Artic Street, Apartment F, Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska.  Our phone number was 377-2342. 

      I wanted to wear one of the yellow scarves and blue uniforms I saw so many other boys wear at school.  There were a lot of cub scout on that base. 

Vividly, I remember this scene so well.  While all the other cubs were swinging their swords at the great big card board dragon head, I was fighting just trying to get my sword out of the sling.

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